Therapeutic Vaccines

Synthetic Vaccine Particles (SVP™) Immune Stimulation products contain encapsulated and/or surface antigens, as well as toll-like receptor (TLR) agonist adjuvants to activate the immune response.

Selecta Biosciences, Inc. has research programs for a therapeutic vaccine to treat advanced human papilloma virus-associated cancers. Our therapeutic vaccines for cancer have been specifically developed to optimize the activation of cytolytic T cells, or “killer T cells,” by effectively presenting the antigen to the relevant immune cells. Based on our observations, we believe our therapeutic vaccines can reduce tumor size and increase survival rate and may have synergistic effects with certain checkpoint inhibitors.

We are advancing a therapeutic vaccine for smoking cessation that induces antibodies to nicotine. We believe such antibodies have the potential to bind to the inhaled nicotine and prevent the inhaled nicotine from reaching the brain, thereby reducing levels of nicotine in the brain and supporting smoking cessation and relapse prevention.


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