About Us

Improving the lives of those who suffer from serious and debilitating diseases

Who we Are

Over a decade of experience pioneering immune tolerance

Selecta Biosciences Inc. founded in 2008, is leveraging its clinically-validated ImmTORTM platform to develop antigen-specific tolerogenic therapies. With a proven ability to induce tolerance to highly immunogenic molecules, ImmTOR can be leveraged to both amplify the efficacy of biologics, including redosing of life-saving gene therapies, as well as restore the body’s natural self-tolerance in autoimmune diseases.

At Selecta, we strive towards a common goal: to improve the lives of those who suffer from serious and debilitating diseases.

Diversity & Inclusion

Selecta Biosciences is led by a group of veteran scientists and entrepreneurs that have built a creative, diverse and engaging work environment that is embodied by the entirety of the team.

These professionals rely on diversity collaboration, and an inclusive work environment to advance Selecta’s pipeline.

Corporate Strategy

Selecta possesses the key tools necessary to successfully achieve its mission of overcoming immunogenicity through its pioneering ImmTOR platform to transform the lives of patients and their families. With a strong leadership team, Selecta has formed strategic partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical and gene therapy companies. Selecta intends to both advance its wholly owned, proprietary pipeline and work with partners, with the goal of addressing immunogenicity to create life-changing therapies for patients and their families.


Selecta is led by an experienced and skilled team, all working towards the goal of unlocking the full potential of biologic therapies and restoring self-tolerance in autoimmune diseases.

Carsten Brunn, PH.D.

President and Ceo

Lloyd Johnston, PH.D.

Chief Operations Officer

Takashi Kei Kishimoto, PH.D.

Chief Science Officer

kristen baldwin

chief people officer

Peter G. traber, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Kevin Tan

Chief Financial Officer

matthew bartholomae, J.D.

General Counsel, Secretary

Board of Directors

Selecta’s board of directors consists of skilled industry professionals with extensive expertise in chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and immunology.

goran A. Ando, M.D.


Nishan de silva, M.D.


Scott D. Myers, MBA


aymeric Sallin, M.S.

Founder & CEO, Nanodimension

Timothy springer, PH.D.

Professor, Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital Boston

Carsten brunn, PH.D.

President and CEO

Careers at Selecta

At Selecta, we’re constantly seeking talented individuals who are ready to share their skills, creativity and passion to help us unlock the full potential of biologic therapies.