We work to develop tolerogenic therapies that will transform the lives of patients

Our Culture

We share a unified mission of developing tolerogenic therapies to improve the lives of patients who suffer from serious and debilitating diseases.

We are an experienced and diverse team of scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs and biotech experts that share a focus on bringing profound change to how we treat disease. We pride ourselves on our collaborative culture, where each and every team member is motivated to work together to contribute to the development of our tolerogenic therapies enabled by our ImmTOR platform. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Selecta Biosciences is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion.

We believe diversity and inclusion strengthen our technical, creative and collaborative approach to problem-solving. 

We express our commitment to diversity and inclusion in various ways; we are committed to opportunity for all; we treat people with dignity and respect; we foster communication and cooperation; and we encourage teamwork and participation. Diversity and inclusion are important to our organizational success.

Competitive Benefits

At Selecta, we’re constantly seeking talented individuals who are ready to share their skills, creativity and passion to help us unlock the full potential of biologic therapies.

We put our team’s well-being first

We are fully aware that our employees are our most valuable resource and have focused on cultivating a company culture that is centered around health and prosperity. Our benefits include extensive medical, vision, dental and life insurance packages. As an organization, we’re open to flexible work schedules and offer vacation, holiday and sick pay to ensure our employees can perform at their peak. 

Focused on equity compensation

We’re driven to provide the best financial benefits possible for our team’s professional and personal freedom. We offer stock options, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs and a 401(k) retirement savings plan to afford our employees a high quality of life.

Removing barriers, not just walls

When building our office space, we decided to create a work environment that helps shape the way we want to think: past traditional barriers to advance therapies that can significantly improve outcomes for patients. To do so, we crafted an open, collaborative environment, free of dividing lines or walls. We embody a modern and inclusive working space to foster open communication, high functioning teams, and operational excellence.

Join our team

Unlocking the full potential of biologic therapies

Job Openings

Pursue unique, collaborative solutions with us

Selecta is a vibrant company with a strong commitment to patients. Our innovative ImmTOR technology is breaking barriers for biologic therapies—and not just for patients with chronic refractory gout. With strong preclinical evidence of ImmTOR’s potential to address the immunogenic challenges of gene therapy re-administration, Selecta Biosciences is poised to transform cutting-edge biologic treatments for other serious and debilitating diseases.

Selecta Biosciences is seeking talented, passionate and dedicated individuals to join our fast-paced culture! If you’re passionate about science and looking to work with a talented and diverse group of co-workers, we invite you to apply for one of our current job openings.